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King Post Retaining Walls

Retaining wall installation and services. 

When traditional sheet pile installation is not feasible due to tough ground conditions, king post retaining walls are a reliable and cost-effective alternative. Our method involves the use of steel posts that are rotary core drilled into the ground and securely set in concrete, providing a sturdy foundation for your retaining wall.

We understand that each project has unique requirements, which is why our skilled team is equipped to handle various ground conditions. In situations where the ground proves particularly resistant, we employ impact-driven techniques or utilise rig-mounted hydraulic piling hammers to ensure the steel posts are firmly embedded in the earth.


King Post Retaining Wall Before Installaition



King Post Wall After Installation

The importance of king post retaining walls

Once the steel posts are in place, the walls take shape with the installation of infill panels. At Steel Piling Solutions, we provide a wide range of options to suit your specific needs.  We have the expertise to deliver the desired aesthetic and functionality.

Retaining walls serve several important functions in various construction and landscaping projects. Here are the key purposes and benefits of retaining walls:

  1. Erosion Control: One of the primary functions of retaining walls is to prevent soil erosion. They hold back and stabilize soil, especially on sloped terrains, preventing the erosion and loss of valuable land.

  2. Slope Stabilisation: Retaining walls provide essential support and stability to steep slopes or uneven terrains. By holding the soil in place, they prevent landslides and slippage, ensuring the safety of structures and surrounding areas.

  3. Flood Prevention: Retaining walls help to divert and manage water flow during heavy rains or floods. By creating a barrier, they protect properties and infrastructure from potential water damage, channelling the water away from vulnerable areas.

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