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Commercial & Residential Developments

Sheet piling services for industrial, commercial and residential projects.

What we offer


At Steel Piling Solutions, we pride ourselves on providing innovative sheet piling solutions for residential and commercial developments. Our expertise extends to developing or redeveloping sites within existing neighbourhoods, where sheet piling serves as temporary works, offering stability on awkward or sloping terrain.

For multi-unit constructions, our sheet piling techniques are employed to construct perimeter walls for basements or underground car parks. We understand the importance of minimizing disruption in sensitive residential, college, or office locations. That’s why we utilise silent and vibration-free pile installation systems, ensuring a peaceful environment for all.

Enhancing riverside developments is another aspect where we excel. We offer sheet piled river walls, beautifully clad with hardwood or softwood timber, complementing the surrounding environment. Our solutions not only meet Environment Agency requirements but also encourage the establishment of flora and fauna, providing a sustainable ecosystem. Additionally, we can design bespoke mooring facilities to meet specific project needs.

Piling rig installing sheet piles

Completed works in the residential area of Harrogate


A crane installing sheet piles by river

The importance of commercial & residential sheet piling.

Sheet pile installation plays a crucial role in protecting both commercial and residential properties Both commercial and residential properties are susceptible to flooding, and sheet pile installation is a key defence mechanism. Sheet piles are designed to resist water pressure, effectively preventing floodwaters from infiltrating the property. This protection safeguards valuable assets, reduces the risk of damage, and minimises potential disruptions to business operations or personal lives. Sheet pile installation provides essential structural stability for commercial and residential buildings. By creating a secure foundation, sheet piles act as a barrier against soil movement and potential subsidence, ensuring the stability and longevity of the structures.