River and canal works

The Company’s wealth of expertise is well demonstrated by the wide-range scope of works undertaken in rivers and canals all over the UK. Projects have been completed on Natural England sites as well as Canals and River Trust Sites. Such work included Re-Lining, Clearing of Embankment Collapse, Replacement of Narrow Boat Moorings and Refurbishment of Locks and Weir Structures. Alongside the works to Weir structures the Company has been involved with the Installation of Renewable Energy Hydro Schemes at Romney Wear and Abingdon Weir.

The Leader Rigs and Movax Piling Systems can be operated from quickly constructed Uniflote Pontoon systems and towed to sensitive and SSSI locations using relatively small and accessible Beaver Boats for River locations.

Temporary Jetties and access platforms can be installed over Tidal/Tidal River waters to allow works to be undertaken at any state of the tide.

All Steel Piling Solutions Plant uses Bio-Degradable Oil for working in Environmentally Sensitive Areas