Commercial Industrial and Residential Developments

Sheet Piling is now commonly used as temporary works for developing or redeveloping sites within existing residential or commercial neighborhoods. Awkward or sloping sites can be retained for new-build and redevelopment.

Multi-unit constructions can be built over Sheet Piling where the piles are used to construct perimeter walls for basements or underground car parks such as the Bristol 2000 Underground Car Park Project. The sensitive nature of many residential college or office locations can be overcome by utilising Silent and Vibration-free Pile Installation Systems. New Riverside Developments can be enhanced by the provision of Sheet Piled River Walls clad with hardwood or softwood timber. Environment Agency requirements can be accommodated to encourage Fauna and Flora establishment along with Bespoke Mooring Facilities.

More sustainable solutions for Residential Development Retaining Structures are becoming more popular such as Steel Kingposts with either recovered timber baulk infills or concrete planking placed between posts.